What is a wall water fountain

Water fountains can be a very creative home decorating accessory

A wall water fountain when operated creates water curtain falling from it’s top end into the bottom reservoir. This kind of arrangement is different from a standard fountain where water spills into spray form or gushes through a cascade made up of stones.

In wall fountain there are no obstructions to the flowing water but a single stream of water curtain creates a beautiful wall of water. Many tines instead of using picture frames, photographs, portraits or murals on the wall, a wall water fountain used because it create a point of interest which may not be possible with a painting.

Because of movement of water in a fountain the wall becomes live and gathers lots of attention. Wall water fountains cone in a variety of sizes and heights. Depending upon your particular requirement you can choose from a wide range of sizes and designs.

Another very creative use of using wall fountain is to use it as a partition. You can use a wall fountain in commercial spaces where you have to restrict human movement to a certain point. For example you can use this type of fountain in the waiting lobby of an office space to differentiate the waiting area and working area.

Thus wall water fountain is a very creative home decorating accessory. You can use your imagination and come up with more interesting patterns such as throwing colored lights on the water stream and get some the magnificent results. You can choose a wall in your home, which you think is empty, and try a wall fountain installing against it and check the results. Once you get an idea of how the whole thing works you can play around with adding accessories and come up with more creative ideas.

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