Rock Solid Landscaping Tips

  • The Drop n Rock Hopper

    Larry demonstrates the Drop and Rock hopper and a clients residence. What a fabulous idea. No more shoveling rock!

Tip and methods using Rock Solid landscaping materials

  • Mulch in the landscape and garden

    See the many different colors and types of mulch and pine bark. Learn to calculate an area and see landscaping professionals prepare and apply pine bark.

  • Add Impact with Boulders

    Accenting with boulders can add impact, interest, and a good deal of character. Take a look at the styles of boulders Rock Solid stocks and view a demonstration of how to properly “plant” them in your landscape.

  • Landscaping Pavers. Layout styles, tools, and installation

    Patio pavers are an easy way to enhance your back yard or add curb appeal with a cool looking sidewalk. We will show you how to prepare your area and help make your project turn out great.

  • Granite in your landscape

    Available in many sizes. Granite is a perfect material for driveways. Watch this demonstration and decide for yourself.

  • It’s In The Bag (Planting A Tree)

    Center now offers all their products in convenient bags. In this video will show you how to plant a small 3 gallon tree using most of our bagged landscaping materials.

  • It’s In The Bag (Add Decorative Borders To Trees/Shrubs)

    Rock Solid Stone Center now offers all their products in convenient bags. In this video will show you how to add a decorative border and mulch or stone to a 3 gallon tree using our bagged landscaping materials.

  • Rock Solid Stone Center (Welcome)

    Welcome to our stone yard. We have everything you need for your next landscaping project. Please watch our video. You will see how great or stone yards are and how we can save you both time and money.

Main Footer Calculator Section

Calculate What You Need and Keep
Landscaping Costs Down!

Measuring for square footage is easy.  Just measure the length X width of the area you want to cover and you will have the square footage.  One Yard will cover 100 Square Feet to a depth of 2 inches for Rock and Mulch, 80 Square Feet for Bark and 150 Square Feet for Shell.  If you have questions...


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