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Pavers are durable, and are a cost effective alternative to real stone. As this article explains, there are different pavers for different situations

Different types of pavers can be used for driveways and sidewalks, depending on results desired. Pavers are used for decorations, design walkways and driveways. They are great as they do not crack like cement and it can be replaced if needed. They are easy to keep clean with a little bit of detergent, brushing and water.

The different types of pavers are used for driveways and sidewalks are made from different substances. Brick pavers are the most common one used as they are low maintenance and environmentally friendly. Also are easy to clean with some detergent, water and a little brushing. Being skid resistant, they are often used in walkways and driveways.

Most of the shapes used include fan, x and w shaped, keyhole and parallelogram. Some are made like cobblestones, some are antiques, made from stone and some are recycled street pavers. Natural tones they come in include blends of green, browns, red and earthy buffs.

Concrete pavers are best for people living in extreme cold or hot temperatures, as they allow for some movement without cracking. They come in many varieties of colors that include stone, white, sand, yellow, brown and pinks. Some of the shapes available are hexagons, parallelogram, keyhole, x or y shapes, pentagons, and fans.

Stones such as limestone, sandstone. Blue stone, and granite, that are mined from a quarry and made into pavers are very expensive. The granite and limestone pavers are perfect for a pool decks because they are non-slip if left unpolished. The other stones make beautiful walkways or patios. They are available in shapes that include diamond, octagon, hexagon, oblong, rectangle and square.

Another nice stone for pool decks is the flagstone, as it does not absorb heat and is resistant to cracks in the cold zones. It does make a beautiful driveway that gets high use and it is very low maintenance. It usually last more than 30 years. It normally comes in natural shapes but can be found in spectrum, squares, hexagon, rectangles and diamond, and many more.

Different types of pavers can be used for driveways and sidewalks to create interesting designs. With the clay brick pavers, there are some standard designs that are cost effective and not too complicated for the contractor to lay. This needs to kept in mind when creating a pattern. Some patterns used that are common are basket weave, herringbones, and stretcher bond. The herringbone patters is great for driveways as it withstand heavy loads.

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