• Be sure to measure area prior to purchasing product.
  • Do not adhere product to any surface until you have all the stone needed to complete the project.
  • Test (dry fit) the product to see to if is going to work well with the area prior to purchasing a large amount of the stone.
  • One ton covers about 100 sq ft.

Rocks and boulders provide wonderful eye appeal, and they can turn the front or backyard into a thing of beauty. Best of all, these inanimate landscape design elements never need to be watered, weeded, or cared for. They provide a wonderful sense of permanence and years of carefree enjoyment for the homeowner.
Accent boulders can add a lot interest, impact, and character to your landscape. They can even add a second or third level to your landscape without actually having to create an elevated area. Another tip here is: that really catchy and appealing designs have more than one level.

Boulder Varieties

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Measuring for square footage is easy.  Just measure the length X width of the area you want to cover and you will have the square footage.  One Yard will cover 100 Square Feet to a depth of 2 inches for Rock and Mulch, 80 Square Feet for Bark and 150 Square Feet for Shell.  If you have questions...


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