Landscaping Calculators

Located at the bottom of each Landscape Material page is a useful calculator designed especially for computing area and depth.

You can insert up to (3) separate areas for calculation. Say around a group of trees and then a playground, and finally the shrubs along your driveway.

For each area you can select the pattern. Round, square or rectangle, and even a triangular shape area. Finally choose the depth desired. Your square foot and total area are then computed.

You only need to choose the material style and press Get Price. Along with the price you will see the products estimated weight. Useful if you are wanting to pick up the material yourself. But don’t worry, we can deliver the product for you.

You can send your material needs directly to the yard along with any questions you may have. A landscaping expert will reply by e-mail or phone (your choice) with helpful information about the product selected, delivery options, and any discounts available. Optionally the page is formatted so you may print the page for comparison.

Main Footer Calculator Section

Calculate What You Need and Keep
Landscaping Costs Down!

Measuring for square footage is easy.  Just measure the length X width of the area you want to cover and you will have the square footage.  One Yard will cover 100 Square Feet to a depth of 2 inches for Rock and Mulch, 80 Square Feet for Bark and 150 Square Feet for Shell.  If you have questions...


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